Short Stories

*An original story written by me, Simone LaRaye.

Writing Prompts

  1. A man has been informed that an Asteroid is going to collide with the earth wiping out all of humanity….

A Terrible Misunderstanding

Contrary to popular believe, I never cared much for my life; the girl I wanted I didn’t get in the end. I wasn’t popular, my grades were average at best. I didn’t get into the college of my dream; it was out of my league, but I figured “hey, why not?” I been watching the news and watching our country go faster down the toilet than plumbing at a Nickelback concert. I thought to myself, “well, the world will be over soon, so I shouldn’t get to upset.” So, there I was on a Thursday afternoon in my tiny little cubical writing some asinine report on a product for my boss. Who conveniently is never around when Tim pops his head over my wall and says, “Hey Melvin, have you heard the news an Asteroid is going to hit the earth somewhere tonight around 10 o’clock. No one is expected to make it out alive. All the news stations are telling people to prepare for the worst.” Tim quickly leaves me stunned. While I think to myself. “Forty-five years; I’ve been on this planet with nothing to show for it.  I could complain as I usually do when nothing is going right, but it finally sinks in. No one would listen to me this time. I spent so much time waiting on someone to come save me or for my situation to magically get better I failed to hear what others had been telling me along. ‘Yeah, wishing upon a star is nice; but it does you no good if theirs is no physical effort put in on your part.’” The realization that there would be no second chance for me, gave such a fright that I quaked with fear. That was my last shred of hope in this miserable life. Suffer a little in this life, then be rewarded with a better life next time around. It never dawned on me, that this is it. There are no more second chances. I looked outside to see the sky, which was colored an off type of yellow. I figured with only few hours left to live in my miserable existence. I might as well start being honest…totally honest. I made a list of the people in my life who deserved to know how I really feel, afterall, why should I go to the afterlife with this bottled up torment. Misery is meant to be shared. I called up my “dad,” who I always felt was quite the hard-ass and told him I knew the truth “You were a horrible father, and a greedy, selfish man. Mom cheated on your with Uncle Dave; you’re not my biological dad! When the end comes for you I hope it’s slow and painful, you self-righteous bastard!” I quickly hung up the phone and I called my neighbor next. Who conveniently wasn’t home but I left them a voicemail that went something along the lines…” Give up the idea of your son ever going to college. It’s a waste of time and money. He’s an idiot with no future or focus, nor talent and frankly it’s not just me that feels away. Quit bragging about your kid; we all know he’s an idiot.” I told the other neighbor about his cheating wife, and how he needed to dump the extra weight i.e. her and her horrible 1960’s hairdo’s and move on with his life. Finally, I left a voicemail on my boss’s machine telling him that he could go “F” himself, and that he by far was the worst boss I had ever encountered. How he gotten as far in his career as he did; I will never know. After letting out all that misery, I looked myself in the bathroom mirror and was surprised to see such a relived smile on my face. It was nice to get all that off my chest; and the best part is. We will all be dead tomorrow, so any anger they feel towards me won’t matter. What are they going to do, kill me? Satisfied with all my hard-work I decided to make myself some warm milk in turn early. I was so proud of myself I even wore my expensive pajamas! I drifted off a nice pleasant sleep and would you believe, my shock…my disdain and my horror when my clock went off at seven thirty in the morning. Groggily all I could think was “Why would I need an alarm clock in the next left?” I peered out the window; perhaps I was the sole survivor of the attack just like that one episode of the “Twilight Zone!” But to my dismay, everything was just as it was the night before. I turned from the window and clutched my chest in agony as I thought to myself “this going to be a long day. Perhaps I should call out of work and take a personal day to recover!” But then suddenly, I heard banging on my front door. I quickly grabbed my robe and slippers and headed downstairs, I opened to do to See David and Sean my two very anger neighbors. Coincidentally, they didn’t find my voicemails to be helpful at all. Needless to say, I now how to black eyes, a missing tooth and a dislocated jaw, I guess it’s true what they say about shooting the messenger. The drive to work was painful. But I figured since Mr. Calloway (my boss) is out of the office today, that gives me a little leeway to get my story straight…I wasn’t even in the office for five minutes when Deandra, the short secretary with the nasally voice and mouse colored hair informed me I was needed in the boss’s room immediately.  I sunk my head in apprehension but begrudgingly made my way to his office. It was there the boss had informed me, that he was considering me for a new position in the company. He appreciated my arduous work and tenacity. However, upon hearing the voicemail I had left for him. He was less than thrilled. He fired me and told me he had security pack my things (which weren’t much) and that I was to leave the premises immediately! On the way past my desk I came across Tim, who I had to talk to. “Tim what the hell happened; you said the Asteroids were heading to earth that it was the end for us all!” I hissed at him. Tim raises his hands in surrender before replying, “I assumed you would have understood it was a  joke. After all, yesterday was April’s Fool. Wouldn’t it seem odd to you that we would all be at work; working calmly if the end of the world was upon us? Didn’t you check the news?” I reached up and grabbed his collar, as he tried to get free while saying to me, “You did this to yourself, no one told you to leave that message for the boss.” Security pulls us a part and drags me out of the building. The ride home was long and miserable. I lost my job, and my neighbors hate me with a passion… I pull into my drive way, but when I glanced into the mirror I saw Sean’s wife giving a look of total furry holding a crowbar. I guess she wasn’t to happy I accused her cheating….

-The End.


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